The State of the State’s Health Workforce: Aligning Resources to Meet Maine’s Needs

Maine Health Workforce Forum Summit - Program Agenda with links to Presentations and Speaker Bios

October 18, 2011, 8:30—4:00 - Wells Conference Center, University of Maine, Orono

Purpose:Inform healthcare and long-term care employers, educators, economic developers, employment professionals, and policymakers about healthcare workforce needs and strategies. Outcomes include:

  • Understand national workforce trends, issues and solutions
  • Understand data and demographics of Maine’s health workforce
  • Hear from key state policymakers about how Maine is addressing current and future needs
  • Gain information about innovative approaches to train health workers
  • Network with colleagues interested in healthcare workforce issues and solutions

Background Information - Maine Health Workforce Forum Flyer, Summit Briefing Paper


9:00 – 9:30 - Welcome and Introductory Comments

Paul Ferguson, President, University of Maine (video)

The Honorable Governor Paul R. LePage (video)

Valerie Landry, Mercy Hospital and Chairperson, Maine Health Workforce Forum

9:30 – 10:45 - National and Maine Health Workforce Demographics Panel

  • Provide an overview of current and projected workforce needs and demands
  • Identify population and service needs as an important factor of workforce planning
  • Highlight the importance of better aligning supply and demand

Edward Salsberg, Director, National Center for Health Workforce Analysis, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), Bureau of Health Professions - National Data Presentation and (video)

Paul Leparulo, Senior Research Analyst, Maine Department of Labor, Center for Workforce, Research and Information - Maine Health Sector and Workforce Data - Statistics, Trends and Projections and (video)

Charles Dwyer, Director, Maine Department of Health and Human Services, Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Office of Rural Health and Primary Care - Maine CDC Office of Rural Health and Primary Care Presentation and (video)

Judith West, Vice President for Human Resources, Maine Medical Center (video)

11: 00– 12:15 - Maine’s Response to the Health Workforce Challenge

Robert Winglass, Commissioner, Maine Department of Labor (video)

Mary Mayhew, Commissioner, Maine Department of Health and Human Services (video)

George Gervais, Commisioner, Maine Department of Economic and Community Development (video)

Stephen Bowen, Commissioner, Maine Department of Education (video)

12:15 – 1:15 - Philanthropic Response

Darlene Curley, Executive Director, Jonas Center for Nursing Excellence (video)

1:15 – 2:30 - Afternoon Session 1

Session 1A - A Sector Approach to Addressing Health Workforce Needs

Learn about Pennsylvania's industry partnerships designed to address skills needed by employers and the career goals of workers 


Moderated by Garret Oswald, Director, Maine Jobs Council

Dan Kuba, Acting Bureau Director of Workforce Development Partnerships for PA (video)

Veronica Snyder, Director of Partnership Development for PA - Health Care Sector Strategies - The Pennsylvania Model (video)

Paul Bolin, Director of Employee Relations, Eastern Maine Medical Center and Maine Health Workforce Forum (video)

Session 1B - The Educational and Training Response

Educational institutions and health care employers will discuss their challenges and strategies in meeting health workforce current and future needs.


Moderated by Peaches Bass, Health Workforce Development Planning Project, Maine Jobs Council

Barbara Woodlee, President, Kennebec Valley Community College, Academic Officer, Maine Community College System - 2011 Maine Community College System Allied Health and Nursing Programs   (video)

Richard Pattenaude, Chancellor, University of Maine System (video)

Gail Senese, Interim State Director of Adult Education and Family Literacy, Maine Department of Education  (video)

Dora Mills, Vice President for Clinical Affairs, University of New England (video)

Karen Rogers, Director, Franklin Community Health Network, Director of Education and Area Health Education Center (AHEC)  (video)

2:45 – 4:00 - Afternoon Session 2

Session 2A - Innovative Activities under Maine Department of Labor Health Care Sector Grant

This session will showcase five innovative training initiatives funded by the American Recovery and Reconstruction Act (ARRA). The projects were developed through partnerships between employers, workforce development, and education providers.Highlighted programs include: nurse residency apprenticeship; youth CNA; accelerated BSN; certificate program for experienced CNA’s; and, nurse residency for recent BSN graduates.


Moderated by Joan Dolan, Program Manager, Maine Department of Labor - Maines $4.9 Million ARRA Health Sector Grant - Project Overview, Overview and Status Update of Innovative Initiatives Funded by Maines ARRA Healthcare Grant, Maines Health Care Grant   (video)

Cate Parker, Performance Improvement Coordinator, Mid Coast Hospital Nurse Resident Program - Mid Coast Hospitals Nurse Residency Program (video)

Doris Cohen, Director, Workforce Development and Benefits, Maine General Health Nurse Residency Apprenticeship Program (video)

Lori Dunivan, Nurse Recruiter, Eastern Maine Medical Center/Eastern Maine Development Corporation CNA Program - Workforce Development and Eastern Maine Medical Center, Youth Force Shaping Workforce News Aug 2011 (video)

Jeff Boal, Director of Education, Mount Desert Island Hospital, Experienced CNA Certificate Hospital Program - Experienced Certified Nursing Assistant Program  (video)

Paula White, Director, Center for Clinical and Professional Development, Maine Medical Center/USM Accelerated BSN Program - Maine Medical Center and University of Southern Maine Accelerated BSN Program (video)

Session 2B - What are the data sources and what do we do with the information?

Speakers will explain how to use the data to understand demand and to organize strategies to address workforce needs. In addition, they will discuss what steps should be taken by employers, educational institutions, policymakers, public officials, and others.


Moderated by Charles Dwyer, Director, Maine Department of Health and Human Services, Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Office of Rural Health and Primary Care

Paul Leparulo, Senior Research Analyst, Maine Department of Labor, Center for Workforce, Research and Information - Maine Department of Labor Workforce Data - Sources, Uses and Limitations   (video)

Susan Sepples, Associate Professor of Nursing, University of Southern Maine  (video)

Judith Feinstein, Director, Maine Department of Health and Human Services, Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Oral Health Program - Dental Workforce Data Presentation, Oral Health Professionals in Maine - Definitions   (video)

Paul Bolin, Director of Employee Relations, Eastern Maine Medical Center  (video)

Seaker Bios - Summit Program Presenter Bios


Support for the Summit is provided by the Maine Health Care Sector Grant, which is funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act through the United States Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration and the Maine Department of Labor. This project provides equal opportunity in employment and programs.

Additional support for the Summit is provided by the University of Maine; Office of Academic Affairs, School of Nursing and the College of Natural Science, Forestry and Agriculture