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Maine Legislature's Task Force on Maine's 21st Century Economy and Workforce Report - December 2017

 Maine CDC Health Workforce Forum Progress Report 2006 - 2010 

A Recommendations Guide To Ensure an Adequate Supply of Skilled Health Professionals

Workforce Analysis of Maine’s Health Services Sector – April 2010

Maine Department of Labor 2006 Healthcare Occupations Report

State Health Care Workforce Development Planning Grant Final Report

Maine Health Workforce Strategic Plan

Maine Health Workforce Forum Annual Report to Maine DHHS 3-29-12

2012 Forum DHHS Report 3-29-13

2013 Forum DHHS Report 9-3-13

2014 Health Occupations Report

For additional reports and related information go to: http://www.maine.gov/dhhs/mecdc/local-public-health/orhpc/hwf/index.shtml


Career Pathway Information

US DOL defines career pathways as: " a series of connected education and training strategies and support services that enable individuals to secure industry relevant certificaiton and obtain employment within an occupational area and to advacne to higher levels of future education and employment in that area." (Training and Empoyment Joint Letter # 36-11, 4/4/12).

Following are some career pathway resources that might help guide maine's work in this area: 


Career Pathway Assessment Final Report 5-17-13

Career Pathways Toolkit:  Six Key Elements for Success, September 2011, USDOL

Career Pathways: Definition and Framework

Career Pathways: Six Key Elements Readiness Assessment Tool

The Promise of Career Pathways Systems Change: What Role Should Workforce Investment Systems Play? What Benefits Will Result? Jobs for the Future, December 2011

Courses to Employment Partnering to Create Paths to Education and Careers, The Apsen Institute/Workforce Strategies Initiative, 2012

Joint Letter on Career Pathways from the US DOL Employment and Training Administration, US DOE Adult and Vocational Education and the US DHHS Administration for Children and Families, 4/4/12

Employment and Training Administration Advisory System Annual Program Guidance for the Program Year 2012 Workforce Investment Act, 6/8/12