It is very clear the Maine is in need of registered nurses (RNs). The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics cites that the need for skilled nurses will grow exponentially in the next several years. Already, some Maine healthcare organizations have tried attracting nurses through unconventional means, such as bringing in nurses from other countries or utilizing military veterans’ experience in lieu of regular nursing coursework. We are facing a crisis that only a new generation of healthcare workers can solve.

Beal College, located in Bangor, ME, recently stepped up their efforts to solve our community’s healthcare dilemma. They saw a need and put in the work: they opened a new nursing program.

Details About the Nursing Program

Beal College’s 20-month nursing program will prepare students to become skilled and compassionate Registered Nurses. These students will graduate as entry-level Associate’s Degree practitioners able to provide holistic nursing care to a range of patients and their families. These RNs will be trained in a variety of acute care, long-term care, and community health general knowledge.

According to Beal College’s website, their Nursing Associate’s Degree program is designed to foster the clinical reasoning, problem-solving, compassionate understanding, and lifelong-learning skills nurses need to thrive in today’s medical climate. Students will enroll in both nursing-specific and general education courses to provide a solid foundation of skills to use during the course of their careers. Courses include:

  • Introduction to Foundational Nursing Concepts
  • Pharmacology
  • Introduction to Maternal-Child Nursing Concepts
  • Nursing Concepts Across the Life Span
  • Introduction to Mental Health Nursing Concepts
  • AND Transition to Nursing PRactice
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Microbiology

If you are interested in seeing if Beal’s nursing program is a good personal fit, consider booking a tour at their Bangor campus.

Setting a Standard

While many Maine colleges and universities offer healthcare professional degrees, there are still many that do not. Beal College is setting an important standard in the push for more healthcare professionals in the Pine Tree State. Nurses who complete training from Beal College’s program can work in a range of specializations, including critical care, emergency, gerontology, hospice, pediatrics, neonatology, psychiatry, community health, and more, providing critical support to any range of Maine healthcare providers. We can only hope that additional higher education institutions follow suit.